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Whether your airline needs are to increase revenues or rationalize costs, Ciaf Consulting provides strategic and tactical insights. We help carriers overcome challenges and achieve sustainable success.


Once you chose us, our team engages with you immediately and will continue to work with you through implementation and product adoption. This enables you to more quickly derive an optimal return on investment and train your staff to realize the fullest benefits from our solution. Our team will help in the following areas:


  • Strategic planning

Strategic Planning should take in consideration market and competition trends, operational improvements, traffic forecasts, flight schedules and company assets.



  • Revenue enhancement

As competition and various economic pressures increase, airlines need to maximize revenue in order to succeed and grow. As airlines adapt their business processes and models to meet the current challenges facing the industry, revenue management provides a number of strategies to help increase and maximize revenue.



  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Ciaf Consulting can assist in key areas to identify and develop cost-effective solutions to improve their operational efficiency and profitability, while meeting environmental commitments. Our solutions can help you achieve real and lasting results in every aspect of operational management.